Tralua Trail Running: Sun Oct 26 – Wed 29


The exhilaration of battling the winds and running down The Horseshoe last Sunday was so great that we’re going to do it again this Sunday only anti-clockwise!  If we meet at my house at 10.00am again and car-pool to the old school house.
N.B clocks go back this Saturday night so an extra hour in bed!

For 7am Doorly Park run on Wednesdays, can I ask that if you would like to do the run you text me on 0863 255922 by the night before please?

You can also follow us on Facebook or Twitter @TraluaTrails.

Until the end of November, Tralua Trail Running sessions will take place every Sunday and Wednesday. Keep checking this page for updates concerning each trail running session. A single trail running session costs €8; €12 covers two sessions in a 7-day period, from Saturday to Saturday; €16 covers you for any three sessions in that same 7-day period, while €20 covers up to five sessions in a 7-day period. All Tralua Trail Runners are covered by insurance.