Tralua Trail Running: Aug 30th – 31st


Hello folks! I was planning a run up along the woodland trails of the Ox mountains tomorrow, but a few regulars are off adventuring in other parts so let’s reschedule for another week. Tomorrow (Saturday 30th), the Lough Gill Hospice Swimmers are getting into the water at Parke’s Castle at 12:00 – if we meet for a run around Deer Park at 10:00 tomorrow morning, we can head over to the castle afterwards to see the swimmers off and wish them well.

Sunday morning promises to be sunny and clear, so let’s meet up at the beach car park in Mullaghmore for a foundation pace run at 09:30. If you feel like a longer, faster run, come along for 10:30 or so, when we will warm up for a run around Bunduff lake. The sea conditions should also be perfect for a fin-swim around Mullaghmore head on Sunday, so anyone who wants to join us (there are three of us so far), bring a wetsuit, face-mask, snorkel and fins.

Remember, the rooms in Markree Castle are booking up for the Tralua Trail Running launch event on September 20th – we are going to be exploring one of the most spectacular sections of the Sligo Way between Slish Wood and Union Wood – so go ahead and make your arrangements directly with Markree to ensure you are included! For details, check this link:

Hopefully, you will want to join us for the whole 24-hour event. I will be updating the event advertisement with a detailed overview of the route we will be taking on the day, so keep watching this space. In the meantime, here are some images I took while walking the route over the course of a sunny morning in July of 2013:

Have a good week!


Tralua Trail Running sessions happen every Saturday & Sunday, as well as every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. A single trail running session costs €8; €12 covers two sessions in a 7-day period, from Saturday to Saturday; €16 covers you for any three sessions in that same 7-day period, while €20 covers up to five sessions in a 7-day period. All Tralua Trail Runners are covered by insurance.