Tralua Trails: Wed 24th – Fri 26th June

Greetings to all from sunny Sligo! Let’s see how long this weather lasts. Hopefully, we will have a decent settled period so we can enjoy Mullaghmore bay and the Mermaid’s Way to its fullest this Friday evening.

Tomorrow morning (Wednesday 24th) at 07:00, we will be warming up at the Back Avenue end of Doorly Park (the car park beside the rowing club and the slipway) for an early morning run along the riverbank and up through the grasslands of Cleveragh. The distance is 4km and I am keen to see beginners coming along for this run. No one gets left behind! Tomorrow evening at 18:00, we are meeting at the Cleveragh running track car park (opposite the Sports Complex) to warm up for a run on the grass surface of Sligo racecourse. Tralua Trail Running regulars already understand the benefits of regular running on trail and grass – for those who want to know more, take a look at this article from the Sunday Independent:…/running-on-hard-roads-brutal-fo…

Thursday evening (25th) should be clear, so let’s take a run around the coastal trail in Strandhill. Meet me at the Weird Metal Thingy on the seafront at 18:00 (ish) as usual. We might even go for tea and cake after!

Friday morning (26th) will see us running along the banks of the Garavogue at 07:00, so come along and meet us at the car park at the Back Avenue end of Doorly Park as usual. Friday evening will be all about Mullaghmore, where we will be paddling and running our way along the Mermaid’s Way from Mullaghmore to Mermaids Cove and back.

Tralua Trail Running sessions are priced to encourage you to commit to a minimum of three sessions a week. The more you run, the less you pay:

1 session: €10
1 week (up to 7 sessions): €20
4 weeks: €60

All Tralua Trail Running sessions are fully insured. Come along and improve your health and wellbeing as part of a fun and sociable outdoor group activity. If you want to contact me to find out more, give me (Gavin) a call on
086 301 5451
or email me at:

We are on or you can follow us on Twitter @TraluaTrails.


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