Gortarowey Forest Trail: Sunday, December 14th


Hello folks. What with the cold weather and the Christmas season fast approaching, I reckon most people are stuck for the time it takes to head out for a run along a trail. On the other hand, a run along a snowy, wintery trail through holly and pine trees is an ideal way of taking some time out to relax and enjoy the season. It looks like there might be snow on high ground this Sunday morning (December 14th), so I’m going to head up to Gortarowey for 10:30. Come along and take the air!

For any newcomers who might be interested but uncertain, the trail offers spectacular scenery along the base of the Benbulbin Mountain. The trail starts out uphill but then it levels off into a looped run, which we try to go round a couple of times before heading back down again (about 4.2K if you go round once). There will be a foundation pace running group, for those who want to work on getting their breathing and running form right without worrying about pace, so don’t feel you will need to be fit enough to ‘keep up’! We build our trail runners over time, as any of the regulars will tell you.

If anyone has any questions/problems getting there, feel free to call me on 086 301 5451.

Take the N15 road north of Sligo town, continuing for 1.6km after Drumcliff village. As you approach the foot of Benbulbin you will see a laneway at the gable of a thatched cottage on your right, leading off uphill toward Barnaribbon and the Benbulbin Forest Walk. Turning right into this laneway off the main road, continue driving straight uphill to the point where the road branches right. Keep going straight, regardless of what the Cul de Sac sign might tell you! Within a few hundred metres you will reach the car park on your left, where the sign for Gortarowey Forest Walk will be clearly visible.

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A single trail running session costs €8; €12 covers two sessions in a 7-day period, from Saturday to Saturday; €16 covers you for any three sessions in that same 7-day period, while €20 covers up to five sessions in a 7-day period. All Tralua Trail Runners are covered by insurance.