Tralua Trail Running: Sept 16th – 19th


Good day to you all from sunny Sligo. An old friend of mine is visiting for a few days, so Tralua Trail Running is going sub-aqua for the afternoon at one of Sligo’s most wonderful snorkelling locations. With the good weather extending into its third week, let’s hope the high pressure ridge stays in place for Saturday’s launch event. I will be circulating the updated plans for the day’s events tomorrow, so keep an eye out!

Tomorrow morning (Tuesday, September 16th), let’s see who feels like showing up for a dawn run along the river at Doorly Park. If you are up for it, meet me at the slipway beside the rowing club on the bank of the Garavogue at 07:00, just off the Back Avenue as usual.

Strandhill is one of the best places from which to see the setting sun in Sligo, so those who want to meet for an evening run will find me at the weird metal sculpture on the seafront at 18:00 tomorrow evening.

On Wednesday there will be an evening run in Union Wood at 18:00, to give people a chance to get familiar with at least some of the trail we will be running/hiking on Saturday next. If you want a trail preview and a fantastic woodland trail run, meet me at the Union Foods entrance to Union Wood at 18:00. The entrance is easy to find, as it is just off the road to Ballygawley.

Map and clear directions are available here – just make sure you are headed for the Ballygawley road entrance, rather than the Collooney entrance:

Thursday morning, there will be another early morning run along the Garovogue river bank at 07:00, for those who can’t make it tomorrow morning. Thursday evening’s run will also take place in Union Wood at 18:00, to give people one more opportunity to check out some of the trail before Saturday’s main event.

Friday morning, let’s meet up for one more easy run along the Garavogue at 07:00. The sunrises these mornings make it much easier to get out on the trails at this hour!

 Remember, the rooms in Markree Castle are booking up for the Tralua Trail Running launch event on September 20th – we are going to be exploring one of the most spectacular sections of the Sligo Way between Slish Wood and Union Wood – so go ahead and make your arrangements directly with Markree to ensure you are included! Check this link for the general plan:

Tralua Trail Running sessions happen every Saturday & Sunday, as well as every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. A single trail running session costs €8; €12 covers two sessions in a 7-day period, from Saturday to Saturday; €16 covers you for any three sessions in that same 7-day period, while €20 covers up to five sessions in a 7-day period. All Tralua Trail Runners are covered by insurance.