Mid-week Trails: Wed 4th – Fri 6th March


Mid-week Trails: Wed 4th – Fri 6th March

Hello all – I hope everyone has had a chance to get out in the snow before it vanishes. I was out in it today and it was strangely warm in between the sleet and snow… I’m glad to say that everyone came through another good week of running without any misadventures, tears or other issues, so all are looking good for the Cara on March 14th.

There was an issue with traffic around the town last Wednesday, so let’s meet at Cleveragh tomorrow evening at 17:15, to give us all a chance to get there on time. We’ll be meeting at Cleveragh to warm up at 18:00 on Thursday and Friday evenings this week as usual, but for the first time this year we will be running with the last rays of sun still bouncing around the skyline. Getting out in the evening time is always nice, but it is even better when there is a bit of spring sunshine on your face. Maybe we will be lucky this week. See you all out there!

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