Tralua Trail Running: Tues to Thurs July 22nd – 24th


Hello trail runners, here’s the plan for the week ahead: tomorrow morning (Tuesday 22nd), we will be meeting at Mullaghmore Sailing Club at 09:30 to warm up, before heading out for a foundation pace run around the coastal grasslands behind the beach. If you decide to come along, Kathleen will be on-site to work your sore muscles loose after the run. Kathleen is an excellent massage therapist, who is volunteering her talents while building up her experience and her therapeutic massage has kept me from breaking down more than once this season.

Tomorrow evening we will be running at a faster pace along the foot of Benbulbin, so come along to Gortarowey Mountain Trail for 18:15 if you feel ready to open your stride and work up a sweat on the hills!

Wednesday morning we will be back in Mullaghmore for 09:30 before heading to Hazelwood for the 18:00 evening run. Thursday morning we will be heading out for a strength-building foundation pace jog through the grassy sand hills behind Trawalua strand (Cliffoney beach) at 09:30, before we head up to the Horseshoe at 18:15 on Thursday evening, to explore some of the newer forestry trails that have been added to the plantations in recent years.

Tralua Trail Running sessions happen every Saturday & Sunday, as well as every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. A single trail running session costs €8; €12 covers two sessions in a 7-day period, from Saturday to Saturday; €16 covers you for any three sessions in that same 7-day period, while €20 covers up to five sessions in a 7-day period. All Tralua Trail Runners are covered by insurance.